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Retirement Planning Services

Estate PlanningYou have spent your life earning your retirement savings. Make sure your savings are not at risk. Demaree Retirement Services has been serving individuals and businesses since 1986 throughout Indianapolis, IN. Bill Demaree has decades of experience preparing pre-retirees and retirees with financial and retirement stability. Bill will analyze your specific situation to help you reach your retirement goals.

Estate Planning Services

Demaree Retirement Services provides personalized estate planning help. You need to have a clear plan for your estate for when you pass away. Bill can help you minimize taxes and protect your family and loved ones with proper planning. Call 317-805-4716 today to learn more!

Income Planning Services

At Demaree Retirement Services in Indianapolis IN, Bill will take the worry out of planning for your retirement days. Have peace of mind knowing that you can live comfortably and have something to leave behind with your family. We ask the important questions so you can understand all your options.

Long Term Care

Legacy Planning Services

Do you need a legacy plan to manage your estate? Your estate consists of all assets you own that hold value. Demaree Retirement Services will assist you in creating a definitive legacy plan. Bill will help you manage your total wealth while you're alive, distribute your estate how you choose after your death, and establish a clear plan to pass on your legacy. Don't overlook the importance of legacy planning.

Long-Term Care Planning Services

Long-term care encompasses everything from financial support to where you will live to legal, family, and social dynamics. It is more than just insurance; it's a range of services you may need to meet your personal care needs. Depend on Demaree Retirement Services in Indianapolis IN to help you navigate all your options and choose the right plan for your specific needs. Bill is knowledgeable in elder care planning as well as all taxes. Call today to get started!

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